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Bethan Evans delivering bags of hope to a ward at Llandough hospital

What is Bags of Hope?

Bags of Hope is a project to give items to patients arriving on psychiatric wards. Our goal is to ensure that nobody arrives to psychiatric wards with only the clothes on their back. Patients should be there for treatment and help, and hospital admissions shouldn't feel like a prison sentence.

These Bags of Hope provide essential items such as body wash, wipes, socks, and underwear, offering comfort and dignity to patients during a challenging time. Donated items are sorted into different bags, each providing a range of essentials as well as activites, snacks.

The bags are delivered to local psychiatric wards in and around the Vale of Glamorgan.

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Bethan Evans standing in behind the bags of hope that need to be delivered

How Can I Help?

There are several impactful ways you can support Bags of Hope in its mission to provide essential items for patients arriving on psychiatric wards. You can donate items directly using our Amazon wishlist, ensuring that much-needed supplies reach those in need. Financial contributions are also greatly appreciated and can be made through our JustGiving page or directly to us; even a small donation of £2 can make a significant difference.

Support Us

If you're unable to donate, simply sharing our Instagram stories helps immensely in raising awareness and garnering broader support for our cause. Every act of kindness, big or small, contributes to making a meaningful impact on the lives of those struggling with their mental health.

Life is a journey and everyone’s different. No matter how many times you fall please get back up. You don’t know what the future will bring or what's around the corner for you. Just take one step at a time no matter how small that is, even if it's a wrong turn or backwards just keep going. Lots of love from a survivor.

- Anonymous -

I am so proud of you for getting through everything that had lead you to this moment.

- Anonymous -

Even on your darkest days, there is always hope. You are your unique self, there is no one in the world like you, or ever will be. One day, someone will need you, let them have that chance.

- Anonymous -